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How does PCS work?

Get care from your loved one in just 3 steps.

STEp 1

Get assessed

A nurse will visit you at home to determine if you’re eligible for the PCS program. You'll find out how many weekly hours of care you can get.

STEp 2

Choose a caregiver

You choose a caregiver: your daughter, son, relative, or friend. We come to your home to enroll you in the program.

STEp 3

You get care — they get paid

You get ongoing care from a person who loves you. They get peace of mind — because they’re getting paid for the care they give.

Want loving care...from someone you love? 

Spend quality time with the people you love

With PCS by FreedomCare, you can get exceptional care from someone you love — while giving them reliable pay for their time.

Did you know?

Care from a family member is associated with better health — and longer life.

When you’re deeply familiar with your aide, everyone communicates more effectively.

Medical complications are caught earlier

Hospital trips are minimized

Health tragedies are avoided

What’s more, aide turnover (when your aide leaves, and you get a new one) is linked to: lower quality care and negative health outcomes.

Studies show that when your aide is a family member, turnover is 50% less likely.

In other words? You’re more likely to stay healthy in the hands of a family member.

(Source: Ko M, Newcomer R, Bindman AB, Kang T, Hulett D, Spetz J. (2015). California’s Medicaid Personal Care Assistants: Characteristics of Family and Non-Family Caregivers. San Francisco, CA: UCSF Health Workforce Research Center on Long-Term Care.)

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Nancy Reyes

“Her face lit up”
I was in between jobs, looking for a new one. I thought: ‘What’s going to happen to my mom while I️’m at work all day? When I told her I’d be caring for her every day, her face lit up. It was a thrilling moment for me.

Evette Chico

“Not a stranger”
I like that I have someone I know helping me — not a stranger, who would have to get to know my likes and dislikes. The staff is courteous and friendly, and they always answer my questions.

Armeen Hodge

“It's a win-win”
I’m an entrepreneur. Being there for my mom did not allow me to generate the income I needed, so getting financial assistance while taking care of her is a win-win.

Dorothy Zuniga
Brooklyn, NY

“A blessing”
I have multiple sclerosis. After my second hospitalization, I realized I needed help. To have my best friend be here for me is a blessing. My caseworker, Ashley, is very helpful — I feel comfortable calling anytime. And having someone I trust work for me keeps my mind at ease.